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paper napkin machine safe operation

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Sanitary napkin machine paper machine in use process, should be responsible for the operator, the permanent staff must have a certain level of technology, toilet paper machine to the operator must carry out technical training and necessary before the installation of  paper napkin machine function, understand the principle of understanding operating procedures
1, the truth in the stacked toilet paper machine and the cardboard board, the height must not exceed the packing plate not askew, not upright, to prevent overturned wounding: napkin machine
2, not in the paper stack on the sit, sleepy and dependent: 
3, open the toilet paper machine lifts should notice to prevent:
4, pull the car in the process of transporting paper, should pay attention to the ground obstacles, prevent paper dumped wounding.
5, the car stopped, pull the paper must slow down, do not go down, the handlebar to prevent injury.
6, to beware of thorn wood, to prevent the skin packing plate with stab.
7, toilet paper napkin machine machine wear protective gloves, prevent the cardboard cut hand, pay attention to prevent from being injured, forklift.
8, choose. Keep the site neat, smooth road, should be promptly removed and damaged packaging material packaging tin plate, to prevent damage or iron nail feet.

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