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Toilet paper machine processing prospect

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Toilet paper machine includes two kinds of current one is processing, processing is to help others, earning a processing fee, more suitable for such a rural workshop, another is to do their own market to do their own brand.
The above two points can be seen processing toilet paper market is very large, because the oriented object is all the people, family, various places of consumption, can be said to all walks of life need toilet paper machine, as long as you can find a suitable market, that is to say we look at how to develop the market. General processing of toilet paper profits are accounting for about 20% of the price of the raw materials of paper, as long as there is a lot of good sales profits. In general, the processing of toilet paper is very promising. Toilet paper machine processing equipment are generally need toilet paper rewinding machine, cutting machine, sealing machine, the three devices have different functions, toilet paper rewinding machine is mainly semi-finished raw paper rewinding, and paper cutting machine is mainly through the large complex of toilet paper roll cutting in accordance with this specification, we can set their own specifications, sealing equipment of another sealing machine is specially for toilet paper packaging. The price of these devices is not very high, set down the price of around tens of thousands, according to different price ordered equipment is not the same. Now if you want to produce a good toilet paper, generally choose automatic rewinding machine, rewinding machine automation automatic rewinding machine, high production efficiency, easy operation, the main advantage of toilet paper machine
1, using PLC computer programming technology, man-machine interface, automatic spraying, frequency control, edge trimming, once completed.
2, equipped with machining, solid, centerless rolls of paper tube of toilet paper, toilet paper machine can be completed instantly switching between products.
3, automatic trimming, spraying, sealing, pumping shaft flash synchronization is complete, the volume of paper cutting and sawing into packaging paper without loss.

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